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With just a few clicks, you can customize Aid to match your branding using just 1 main color swatch and simple classes. Aid is designed to be minimal and effective, without any complex or unnecessary features.


Guides function as the foundation for users to begin their journey

Getting Started

This guide could include information on how to install and set up the widgets, as well as prerequisites or dependencies.

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Basic Use

This guide could cover the basics of how to use the widgets, including common tasks and functionality of widgets.

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Advanced Use

This guide could delve into more advanced topics such as customizing the appearance and behavior of the widgets.

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This guide could provide solutions to common problems and errors that users might encounter when using the widgets.

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Our categories help users easily find the information they need


In this category, you will learn how to use our API to retrieve and manipulate data, as well as best practices for integrating with our platform.

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The Design category is a resource for designers to learn about creating visually appealing and user-friendly applications using our platform.

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In this category, you will find tutorials, best practices, and technical documentation to help you create innovative and reliable software.

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